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At Ace Auto Doctor & Repair, we have over 125 years of combined experience fixing vehicles, but what really sets us apart from other auto repair shops is our high level of customer service. We take pride in delivering more than what’s expected and treating every customer the same, so you know what to expect when you come in or when you recommend our shop to someone you care about. Our team members are hired based on who they are, not what they can do—in other words, attitude is everything. Then, they are trained the Ace way, and the difference shows in our high level of service.

"I got into the auto repair business because I love fixing cars, and through that, I found my true passion is helping people. Getting to know people and their situations helps me assist in planning and budgeting for automotive services, so car care is conducive—not counter to—everyday life. It’s my job, and I love it."


— Larry Goff Jr., Owner

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In 1969, Larry Goff Sr. opened Ace Radiator Shop in a one-bay garage in Davenport, Iowa, focusing on radiator repair and heater and automotive cooling system work. Back then, the business consisted of Larry and one helper, but as the years passed, the business grew to two employees, and eventually the shop moved to a two-bay facility in Bettendorf. During this time, Larry’s son, Larry Jr., worked with his dad at the shop during summer breaks, before going on to become an automotive technician at an auto dealership after graduating from high school.

When Larry Sr. started looking toward retirement, he asked Larry Jr. if he was interested in taking over the business, and he was. So, in 1996, Larry Jr. came back to Ace to work with his father. Together, they started to take on general auto repair work to build that side of the business for the future. In the coming years, they also added two more bays, two hoists, and more employees to the shop. In 2001, Larry Sr. retired, and Larry Jr. took charge of daily operations.

By 2005, the business had outgrown its location once again, so the shop moved to a larger building with seven bays to accommodate seven mechanics and more customers. In 2009, Ace Auto & Radiator became Ace Auto Doctor & Repair, with all the same people, but with a name that better describes the shop’s proficiency in the field of automotive repair.

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