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With the constant stopping and going that life on the road entails, especially for your main car, having your brakes properly working is essential. Being aware of your brakes and understanding how to spot the indicators of worsening brakes will ensure your safety, as well as everyone else’s that are driving. So, how might you know whether or not your car needs its brakes repaired or inspected? We’ve gone ahead and listed some tips on how to examine the condition of your brakes.

Disc Brakes vs Drum Brakes

Aside from aesthetics, the major difference between traditional drum brakes and disc brakes is where the force is being applied. With drum brakes, the stopping force is applied by hydraulic cylinders to the inner surface of the drum itself.

Disc brakes, on the other hand, move the braking surface away from the inside of a drum to a disc rotor. The rotor is mounted to the hub, while the caliper is mounted to the fork near the axle. This design is more like what you would see on most of today’s vehicles and has been utilized on all four wheels for years because the stopping ability is much more efficient and allows for better control.

The other major difference is how each braking system is actuated. Drum brakes use a hydraulic wheel cylinder to push the brake shoes outward to the drum surface. With a disc-brake system, hydraulic calipers are used with a clamping force. When the brake pedal is depressed, fluid pressure builds, causing pistons inside the calipers to move toward the rotor. The friction that’s generated is what creates the stopping power.

Signs You Need a Brake Repair

Most modern vehicles have brake wear sensors to tell you it’s time for brake service or a brake repair. With brake wear sensors, you’ll hear a screeching noise when you brake or as you release your brake, indicating your brakes have reached the end of their lifecycle. However, some vehicles do not feature brake wear sensors, so being mindful of squeaks and squeals from your brakes is still important, and any unusual noises should never be ignored. If you hear grinding noises, that usually means your brake pads have worn away completely, and you’re hearing metal on metal—beyond time for brake service! Other signs of necessary brake repair are brake pedal pulsations, increased stopping distances, and a brake pedal that stops closer to the floor than it did before.

We’re a Repair Shop Specializing in Brake Inspection, Brake Service & Brake Repair

When you need to make sure your brakes are up to task, our auto repair shop is ready to conduct a thorough brake inspection, and we’ll handle any brake repair you need, using only quality parts. You can also trust our mechanics to give you honest advice for brake service, so you can schedule time to take you car off the road when it’s convenient for you. Give us a call today and stop worrying about you brakes.