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How to Know When You Need Engine Repair

Engine Repair

It’s never a good time when engine repair is necessary. It could happen when you were simply bringing your vehicle in for a scheduled maintenance service, or a routine oil change. Engine failure can be a result of many different causes. Regardless of the reason, engine repairs are known as one of the most expensive repairs in the automotive industry for any vehicle. That’s why it’s important that you choose a repair shop that you can trust to handle such a significant repair.

Signs You Need Engine Repair

Common problems that are tell tale signs of engine repair include:

  • Misfiring engine
  • Oil seepage
  • Gasket leaks
  • Burning oil from the engine
  • Rattling engine pistons

It is extremely important that you get your vehicle properly diagnosed when discussing engine repairs because if you are experiencing some of the issues listed above, it doesn’t guarantee that you need engine repairs. It could be something as minor as an electrical issue, or something as major as an engine rebuild. You can save yourself lots of time and money by properly diagnosing your vehicle, which is why you should trust us with your engine repair diagnosis.

Engine Repair

Avoiding Engine Repair

Something as simple as routine engine maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in engine repair costs. When talking about keeping your engine in good condition, oil changes are crucial to engine longevity. Healthy oil is indicative to a healthy engine. You can think of your engine being the heart of your vehicle, and your oil being the blood. One can not operate without the other. Take emphasis in getting routine oil changes to avoid hefty engine repairs later down the road.

Other Engine Maintenance Tips

Other than oil changes, there are many other steps you can take to prevent engine damage to your vehicle. Take emphasis on checking your car’s recommended time frame for replacing your timing belts. Routinely examining your engine for leaking coolant/radiator hoses and keeping close tabs on your vehicle’s dashboard for flashing service lights are also essential for engine maintenance.

Your Engine Repair Specialists!

Engine repair diagnostics can get extremely complicated. So if you’re unsure whether or not you need your engine repaired, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle in to Ace Auto Doctor. Our technicians are trained to handle the most severe cases of engine issues and will put your mind at ease. Call now for more information!