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Get a Tune-up Before It’s Too Late


Tune-up services are proven to make your vehicle last longer and run more efficiently if you get them routinely. Most vehicles require a tune-up roughly every 30,000 miles. You can count on us for reliable, cost-efficient, and top-notch tune ups for most makes and models. In addition to tune-ups, our mechanics can handle various preventative maintenance services on your vehicle or truck.

Why Tune-ups Are Important

Tune-ups can be performed in a variety of ways, contingent on the type of vehicle it’s done on. Benefits of tune-ups include:

  • Increased gas mileage
  • Longer vehicle lifespan
  • More engine power

Tune-ups can also help identify serious engine issues by finding and switching out faulty components, such as spark plugs and fuel filters, before it’s too late.

Vehicle Parts

Being that every component in your vehicle has it’s own expiration date, it is likely that something will eventually begin to malfunction. A majority of vehicles display each component’s lifespan in your owner’s manual which should help you gauge when you’re due for a tune-up or when to replace a part. With that being said, many components have the capability to withstand a much longer timeframe than the original recommendation. That is why it’s important to seek an experienced mechanic for a routine inspection to make certain there are no issues. Serious car problems can be avoided down the line by having a computer diagnostic done and your parts inspected as often as possible.



Issues that signify tune-up services are important to understand. Unusual engine sounds, slow acceleration, air flow & electrical problems, and low gas mileage are all indicators that your vehicle is likely due for a tune-up. Chances are that a mechanic will ask you why you believe that a tune-up is necessary on your vehicle, so being aware of these indicators will help you communicate with the mechanic to explain what you are experiencing.

Professional Tune-ups

Just because you notice problems that may indicate your vehicle needs a tune-up, it doesn’t necessarily  mean that is the case. In most cases there are a variety of causes and solutions for each individual issue, which makes it extremely difficult to properly diagnose your vehicle problems by yourself. Rather than risking misdiagnosing your vehicle, seek assistance from a certified mechanic so they can properly identify what needs to be done to have your car running back like normal. You should let the mechanic know about the issues that you are experiencing instead of asking for a tune-up at first.